Customer Testimonials


I approached the Mansfield & District Autism Support Group almost 2 years ago looking for support for my daughter who has autism, for someone to help with her aggressive behaviours and extreme anxiety. They recommended “Nottingham Autism Support” who had set up a business called “Nottingham Autism Support Service”. I met with Nottingham Autism Support Service Team and discussed our needs and, following this, we decided to go ahead. NASS had a particular understanding and experience of working with children with PDA which our daughter was showing signs of. It was important that we had someone working with us and our daughter that understood PDA.

Financial arrangements were agreed through Social Care in way of direct payments and work was then started for NASS to support my daughter on a weekly basis. I agreed a plan with NASS for specific work around emotions, anxiety and anger management. At the time, the sessions were after school. My daughter unfortunately is not attending school at present due to her anxiety – NASS are helping in supporting her back in to school again.

Their support has enabled us as parents to carry on working through extremely difficult times. NASS has also provided us with a worker one day at weekends, to enable our daughter to be supported with going out of the house. This has given us as parents a break to be able to go out and have some much needed respite.

“Nottingham Autism Support” have always been there for us and provided consistent and ongoing support for my daughter and our family, when many other agencies and services have come and gone and fallen by the wayside. Without NASS’s team we would not have been able to continue with our employment and family home life. Our daughter has benefited from NASS’s team visiting our house at times when she has been unable to leave the home to access other services normally provided due to her anxiety. NASS’s team have accommodated for all of our needs, been flexible in their approach and offered empathy and understanding. NASS has assisted us with paperwork and helped us in gaining, and attending with us, a private assessment for our daughter. The session notes that NASS types up and emails to us helps us and other professionals to understand our daughter’s complex needs, something which has been of great benefit and we are grateful for.

We would recommend the “Nottingham Autism Support” to any parent who is looking for support for their child with autism. NASS offers a reliable, understanding, supportive, approachable and flexible service which is rare to come by these days. We are extremely pleased with the support provided.