Support in Schools – Nottingham Autism Support Service Ltd provide varying levels of support in school which include:

Teaching Assistants – qualified Teaching Assistants who have significant knowledge and understanding of working with children and young adults with Autism, Aspergers, Learning Difficulties and PDA

Teachers – qualified Teachers, who in some cases can be subject specific ie p.e. trained, members of teaching staff are available from half a day up to 12 month secondments.

Learning Support Assistants – we employ a number of highly qualified subject specific staff who also have knowledge of working with young people on the Autistic Spectrum. This type of cover could ideally be used to cover PPA and admin time in schools and also to cover sickness when a subject specific teacher is off.

Support in Adult Social Care – Nottingham Autism Support Service Ltd are passionate about continuing to improve the quality level of supply support staff in social care settings. We provide highly motivated, well qualified and enthusiastic members of supply staff to a wide range of social care settings. The type of support provided to social care settings can be:

  • 1:1 support for challenging people on the Autistic spectrum
  • Members of staff to lead small groups
  • Support for members of staff to design and make resources
  • Help and support with training in Makaton, social stories, making and development of PECs systems

Personal Assistant – Nottingham Autism Support Service Ltd works side by side with social workers, parents and carers and social care providers to be in the best position to provide a person centred support service. Social care funding is now mainly delivered by the use of personal budgets and/or direct payments, all of these options can directly fund our support. The level of support we provide can range from small social groups of two to three people to extremely challenging individuals needing 2:1 support in the community. Our services are fully insured with a level of cover that is specific to the work that we do and all activities and young people are risk assessed. Our support is directed towards mirroring clients individual support plans which is why we believe working alongside other providers, parents and carers and social services is vital.

Mentoring for Parents – Finding out you have a child with Autism or a child on the Autistic spectrum can be a huge shock and sometimes it can be difficult to see what needs to be done to help your child progress in the future. Nottingham Autism Support Service Ltd can provide recommendations and advice/guidance on the early stages when seeking a diagnosis for Autism, through to help needed when in school and assisting schools to deliver that support to your child and then to continue that support into adulthood. We can also provide advice on the referral process to social care and guidance on any specific training for parents and carers.

Guidance in making Resources – Children and adults on the Autistic spectrum have varying levels of understanding of day to day life. Sometimes a simple social story can be designed to help someone through a process that without explanation in this way could be very difficult to understand. In other cases some children/younger adults will need a Picture Exchange and Communication system to help piece together visually parts of their day. Nottingham Autism Support Service Ltd have qualified and experienced staff to be able to support with all these resources.